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In 1989, Keith Giffen and Tom and Mary Bierbaum relaunched a grim and gritty version of the Legion of Super-Heroes. I’ve just received this massive collection of the first half of that run, almost three inches thick. I lettered the first thirteen issues, but I have to say this was my least favorite version of the long-running DC super-team of the future, and I was happy to leave it behind. I’m sure it has fans, though, and if you’re one, you might want this collection. The retail price is $150, so you will need to really want it! Should be available soon in shops and online.

One thought on “Incoming: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES OMNIBUS 1

  1. David Goldfarb

    My least favorite also. They tried to do “gritty” and it just didn’t work.

    (Hi, Todd! The one good thing about my recent internet outage is that it seems to have cleared up whatever was blocking me from accessing your blog.)

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