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IDW sent me a few of these recently, and I didn’t know why until I opened one up. It’s a sort of preview/prelude to an upcoming crossover between Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe and IDW’s Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, and it includes an eight-page section from SANDMAN #1 that I lettered. I loved the original LOCKE & KEY series, and the preview includes a Locke & Key story I hadn’t read, “Open The Moon” from a comic titled LOCKE & KEY: THE GUIDE TO KNOWN KEYS. This 16-page story is a gem! Beautifully written, excellent art, lettering and coloring, very moving. It’s about a special new key created for Ian Locke, a boy who is gravely ill. It’s a key that will unlock the moon and what Ian finds there amazes and delights him. That sequence is done in the style of Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay. There are other things in the issue, including that guide to known keys, but this story is well worth the price of the issue on its own. I haven’t been reading any comics lately, but I think I might try to read this crossover.

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