Incoming: LOCUS, July 2011

Of particular interest to comics fans and art fans are the remembrances of (Catherine) Jeffrey Jones in this issue. There are two, by Arnie Fenner and Robert Wiener, both illuminating about this troubled man, whose art I liked, but whose life story, when I heard about it, seemed hard to fathom. I met Jones once at a party at The Studio, space he shared with Michael Kaluta, Berni Wrightson and Barry Windsor Smith in the late 70s. I don’t remember him saying much, he was very quiet and seemed shy. Smith was much the same, leaving the outgoing Kaluta and Wrightson to do most of the partying, which they had no trouble with. I remember some memorable paintings by Jones on display there, the only ones I’ve seen in person, and they were quite large and gorgeous. Also loved his strip in National Lampoon back in the day. From the remembrances here, Jones’ life makes a little more sense to me, though it’s still what I’d call a tragic one.

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