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Just arrived is the third and final collection of the recent LUCIFER series I lettered written by Richard Kadrey and Holly Black, art mostly by Lee Garbett. I enjoyed working on this, you might give the series a try, if you haven’t yet. Nothing like the TV show, based on the Neil Gaiman version of the character as written in a previous series by Mike Carey too.

I also received this new printing of BATMAN YEAR ONE, something I lettered thirty years ago that has remained in print ever since. Not my best work in my opinion, but the story and art are tops.

Both should be available soon if they aren’t already.

One thought on “Incoming: LUCIFER VOL. 3, BATMAN YEAR ONE

  1. Joie Simmons

    I pulled out Year One to look at it just the other night, and I’m as much of a fan of the lettering as the art and story. The style and placement/design are a perfect match for the art. I always thought John Costanza’s lettering was a perfect fit for Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, and the lettering on Year One was perfect for Mazzucchelli’s style.

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