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I love looking at original comics art, but I have yet to buy one of IDW’s wonderful Artist’s Editions that reproduce large quantities of such art at original size. This one arrived today from IDW, and I’m not sure why, though I am listed under “special thanks” inside. Maybe either editor Scott Dunbier or artist Walt Simonson will remind me if I did something helpful for this book, I know I didn’t letter any of the contents.

ManhunterAEpagesIn addition to the terrific Manhunter series that ran in DETECTIVE COMICS in the 1970s, this book has an almost as lengthy section of other early Walt Simonson work including a Batman story, Dr. Fate from FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL #9, three wonderful Captain Fear pirate stories that ran in UNKNOWN SOLDIER and two issues of METAL MEN. Not everything is shot from original art, but much of it is, and I love seeing all the production notes, lettering corrections, pasted-in art fixes, and everything that brings the creation of the work to life, and of course the stories are great reading.

If you haven’t seen any of these Artist’s Editions, you should try to. They’re fabulous in every way.

One thought on “Incoming: MANHUNTER ARTIST’S EDITION

  1. Jamie Hickson

    That is the ONE edition of those books I’d truly love to get my hands on.
    I’ve seen one of the Thor editions, so what a hoot it would be to get the Manhunter one first, and work my way through Walt’s career, getting to see “behind the scenes” at the same time.

    Looks like great stuff.

    I guess I’ll start digging through my couch and saving up my pennies.

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