Image © Michael Zulli and Dark Horse Books.

Here’s something I wasn’t expecting, a reprint of “Miss Finch,” the graphic adaptation of the Neil Gaiman story with art by Michael Zulli. I’m credited as “script adaptation and lettering.” How did that come about? This project was in the works for a few years. About once a year editor Diana Schutz would call me and talk about it, making sure I still wanted to letter it. Michael is a wonderful artist, but meticulous and pretty slow. Once he was done, a friend of Neil’s, Olga Nunes, did a lettering script, but Diana was not happy with it. Eventually she called me to say, “I don’t know what to do about this script.” I offered to take a look and see if I could come up with something she liked better. I rewrote the lettering script based on what Olga had done, but avoiding problems like describing what the art showed, things like that. Olga had the right idea, just not the experience of working in graphic storytelling. Diana was happy, so was Neil, and I was able to letter the book so it could be finished up and published. In the first printing, there’s a credit that reads, “with special thanks to Olga Nunes.” I’m sorry it’s not in the new version, she deserves mention. Some of her work definitely made it onto the pages, though I’m no longer sure how much. Both of us drew from the Gaiman story as much as possible.

Really like the new cover design by Rick DeLucco. Great type design, and it shows off the cover art beautifully.

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