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Just received printed copies of this, the third NATURE comic I’ve worked on for Channel 13, WNET in New York, who also produce the Nature television show it supports. The comics aren’t numbered, but they’ve put one out in each of the last three years. Rick Veitch’s cover ties to his 6 page story, inside:


This was lettered by hand on Rick’s pencils, the only story I did that way last year except for NEXUS 101 and 102, which haven’t seen print yet. Always fun working with Rick, he brought me in on these, and we’ve done a story in each issue.


The other story is a beautifully drawn and colored one by Thomas Yeates, script by Mark Evanier, the second this team has done about wolves. This one’s subject is nature writer Ernest Thompson Seton, whose books I enjoyed in my youth.

I don’t know where or when the printed copies might be available, but both stories can be viewed online HERE. Either way, the price is right. And the TV program is great, too!

2 thoughts on “Incoming: NATURE COMICS

  1. Lawrence McKenna


    I received my Nature comics today, and how can you beat them? A classic story that gets every kid when they hear it, Lobo, (which my son watched a few months ago on PBS; he loved it) is a great story to start with. And then a psychedelic dragon fantasy story by Veitch? How can you beat it? Not to place anyone on the second tier, but when you’ve got names like Evanier, Klein, and Veitch on this, you know it’s going to be a quality product. I have students reading them right now and have passed copies on down to a Middle School Science teacher, also. Personally, I especially appreciated Tim Hodler’s (writer) and Lauren Weinstein’s (art) “The End of the Frogs?” story. (I need to get Bill Crider to take a look at this. He’s had a frog that’s been visiting him for a while that he blog about every time it shows up.) I suppose you’ve said everything you want to about the comic, but if you have anything additional you’d like to say to students while you’re reading them, well, I could pass it on to them today and next week. Also, let me say, that this is an extremely professional product. It doesn’t look like any short cut whatsoever was made in the production of these. The paper’s excellent, the colors are top-notch, the collaborators are first-class. One class ending, another beginning, must go. Thanks for your work on this Todd and if you can pass this on to any of the other great folks who worked on this, please do so.


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