Incoming: NEXUS 100!

Nexus 100 cover
©Mike Baron and Steve Rude, RudeDude Productions.

Copies arrived today. It’s much longer than I expected, 56 pages. In addition to Act Two of Space Opera, the main story, there’s an 11 page painted Sundra story, a history of Nexus, and a lengthy letter column. Sadly, the reproduction on the painted story is poor, very washed out. It looked much better when I was lettering it. I know Steve and Jaynelle are unhappy about it, and I’m hoping they can get it looking better when the story is eventually collected.

Meanwhile, 100 issues is something to celebrate, and if you’re a NEXUS fan, you’ll have a great time reading and enjoying it. Look for it at your comics retailer, and visit Steve’s WEBSITE for news of other upcoming projects.

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