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I lettered about half the fourteen issue run of this fine series by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan from 1982-83. It’s mix of Kolchak the Night Stalker, Doctor Strange and Marv’s Dracula, sort of. Excellently written and drawn. I loved working on it, but I’m not too fond of my lettering here, especially when it’s put next to the stellar work of John Costanza, who did the rest. If you like creepy mysteries, give it a try.

Image © Mark Evanier and, I guess Marvel.

This book did not arrive in the mail or by UPS, it was handed to me by the author at Baltimore Comic-Con. It’s a revised and expanded edition of the 2008 hardcover. The format is a hybrid of soft- and hard-covers: glued binding, and cover boards that are thinner than a hardcover but thicker than a trade paperback, and they extend out beyond the pages like a hardcover. This edition has the logo on it that I designed for Mark in 2007 or so, which was rejected at the time. We’re both glad to see it on this edition, which is the one I will be keeping on my own bookshelf. Eventually I will read it, too!

One thought on “Incoming: NIGHT FORCE and KIRBY, KING OF COMICS

  1. Ted D. Nichols, Jr.

    Take solace in the fact that a teenage little county boy, well…I was a chubby teenager at the time…but anyway…I LOVED that series.

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