Incoming (no spoilers!): Hello Hallows, Nexus 99

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cover
© J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros.

So, I knew I would buy and read the last Harry Potter book at some point, but I hadn’t planned to get it right when it first came out…then Amazon offered a deal I couldn’t pass up: the $35 hardcover for $18 plus a $5 gift certificate. So, I preordered it with another book to qualify for free shipping. Estimated arrival date was July 24th. I figured I’d save it to start reading after getting back from San Diego.

Today I went out to the mailbox and found a small box with familiar artwork and lettering saying, in large red letters: “ATTENTION MUGGLES — DO NOT OPEN OR DELIVER UNTIL JULY 21ST! My copy of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” has arrived. I’ve got a few days before leaving for San Diego, so I guess I might as well start reading it. I’m sure I won’t be finished before I go, which is no big deal. In my “Recommended Novels Written for Children”, which you can download from the BOOKS page of my website, here, this is what I said about the Harry Potter books:

While I wasn’t terribly impressed with the first book, the series has grown on me as it has gone along, getting longer, deeper, and more serious. Takes elements from classic British school stories and classic British fantasy and puts them together in a very entertaining way. Rowling also gets kudos for sparking a renewed interest in fantasy novels for children that adults can also enjoy.

Of course, if I really get sucked into the book and don’t want to put it down, I’ll have to lug the nearly three-pounds of it to San Diego with me. But that would be silly. And I have no doubt, in this age of Too Much Information, that someone somewhere will spoil any surprises at the end for me long before I get there. I’m not going to seclude myself and rush through it, as some, including comics ace reporter Heidi MacDonald, are doing. I will enjoy it, nonetheless.

Nexus 99 cover
The other thing I got this week is issue 99 of NEXUS, written by Mike Baron, fabulous art by Steve Rude, Gary Martin and Bob Wiacek, © RudeDude Productions. I won’t review it, because I lettered it, but let me just say the fanboy in me was very, very happy to see one of my favorite comics from the past coming back into publication, and while lettering it was a lot of work, I’m very pleased with the result. I encourage to to buy it for yourself and anyone else who likes good comics.

That’s all — going out to enjoy a beautiful day, and later do some reading.

One thought on “Incoming (no spoilers!): Hello Hallows, Nexus 99

  1. Grinder

    Nexus #99 – guess I Was not paying attention.

    Nexus is my all-time fav comic . . . .well – Preacher is up there and I suppose there are others BUT – I’m running to the local to get a copy.

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