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Just arrived from DC is the third and final volume of this new collected edition of PROMETHEA, written by Alan Moore, art by J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray. It holds issues 24-32 as well as Promethea segments of other ABC comics (TOMORROW STORIES SPECIAL #2, TOM STRONG #36 and a few other brief bits), plus Alan Moore’s script for PROMETHEA #29 and a 14 by 20 inch double-sided poster of issue #32, which formed two large images when the pages were combined. Very small on the text, but readable. A nicely-produced package slightly larger than original size on good paper with excellent printing, though it’s a glued binding. This three volume reprint is not nearly as large or well made as the PROMETHEA ABSOLUTE EDITION of some years ago, if you can find that, but it’s quite a good buy at the lower price of $39.99 per volume. This one is due out the third week of December. Check with your comics provider, or here’s an Amazon link.

5 thoughts on “Incoming: PROMETHEA DELUXE EDITION BOOK 3

  1. Todd Klein Post author

    The title and credits use a font I designed based on the work of Alphonse Mucha. They’re pulled from my original hardcover designs for this series. I didn’t design this cover. I like it, though.

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