Images © Jim McCann and Janet Lee.

A few days ago I received copies from publisher Archaia of this oversized hardcover graphic story aimed at younger readers. I did design work for the book (covers, endpapers and some interior pages) and had seen most of the art, but not lettered, so I was finally able to read the story. It’s not bad, a whimsical fantasy of a world where time has stopped, inhabited by children, robots, and a few others. I found the storytelling somewhat unclear at times, and it doesn’t quite reach the goal of children’s classic that it strives for for me, but it has some nice moments and characters.

The art by Janet Lee is unusual in technique, being a combination of mediums and materials often in collage. Again, not bad, perhaps a little rough and uneven at times, but generally charming. The lettering by Dave Lanphear is great, in a tall, thin font that reminds me of the comic strip “Little Nemo,” and creative balloon shapes.

If you know a young person who likes fantasy, this might well be a good gift.

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