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I didn’t know they were producing this, but it makes sense. Matches the other Absolute Editions.

The slipcase is 8.5 by 13 inches, the book cover is 8.375 by 12.5 inches, the pages are just a little smaller, printing and paper are top quality.

Unlike the other volumes, this one is not numbered, so you can put it in front of the others or at the end, your choice. It’s a prequel, so first would make sense, though it was produced last, so last would also work.

Here’s the other side of the slipcase and a spread from the book.

The double gatefold from issue 1. That’s an 18-inch ruler below.

The DC website has an on-sale date of June 27, so it should be in shops now. U.S. price is $125. Yes, very expensive, but I can’t think of another recent book that deserves this treatment more.

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