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Volume 7 collects issues 50-58 of the original series from 1991, all lettered by me except for one lettered by John Costanza. I like the lettering I did here, and I remember liking the writing and art at the time. DC is apparently going to reprint the entire series, good for them.

This hardcover collects the “Batman: Year Two” storyline from Detective Comics #575-578, 1987, by Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis (first issue) then Todd McFarlane. Also BATMAN: FULL CIRCLE, a sequel from 1991 by Barr and Davis. I lettered the final DETECTIVE issue and FULL CIRCLE. Both were good, as I recall. I’ve worked with just about everyone, but I didn’t recall ever lettering a Todd McFarlane story.

Not sure when these are due out, but they should be available soon.

One thought on “Incoming: SUICIDE SQUAD, BATMAN YEAR TWO

  1. Daniel

    I really loved Mike W. Barr’s and Alan Davis’s run on Detective Comics. But switching to Todd MacFarlane (whose work I’ve never really cared for) mid-story was extremely jarring and always ruined this story for me.

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