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So, I was sitting in the bar with Bob Wayne and Kurt Busiek in May of 2007, just after the close of the convention in Bristol, England, and Bob asked, “Any ideas for new trade paperback or hardcover collections?” We batted around some ideas, including this one: collect the original three-issue series featuring the Corps by Mike Barr, Len Wein and Joe Staton from 1981, and fill it out with some of the short Corps stories from the early 1980s. The fact that both Kurt and I had written some of the latter might possibly have spurred the idea. And, amazingly, here it is, with no less than four of the stories I wrote for Dave Gibbons to draw! Surprisingly, one is “Apprentice,” which was also recently reprinted in another collection, but I’m not complaining, it’s my favorite. There are also five shorts written by Paul Kupperberg, so quite a few stories that haven’t seen print since the early 80s, and I’m pleased and proud to be included. If you haven’t read it, the three-issue mini was the first real use of the Corps as a group in the way that is now regularly seen in their own book, and a good read. And Brian Bolland’s covers for them were his first DC work, and immediately put him on every editor’s want-list at DC, one of them is on the cover of this collection. Advance copies arrived today, look for it at the shops and stores soon.

8 thoughts on “Incoming: TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS

  1. Kurt Busiek

    I think I know why “Apprentice” is in there, despite being so recently collected elsewhere.

    The book is solicited as including my first pro sale, “The Price You Pay,” drawn by Richard Howell, but it’s not there. That story was in #162, along with “Apprentice” and a truncated lead feature (with an exploding child on the cover!), but it was in the middle of the book, with “Apprentice” at the end.

    So I’m betting that someone had it listed somewhere to include “the backup story from #162,” and they didn’t realize there are two backup stories in that issue. So they picked the one in the back, not realizing it wasn’t the one listed in the solicitations, and had recently been reprinted elsewhere.

    They do seem to think that story’s in there — Richard has already received a contributor’s copy, though we’re not actually contributors.

    Ah well. Hopefully, this book will do very well, and they’ll want to do more volumes — I supplied DC with a recommended list of stories that could easily fill three volumes of GLC stuff, including a Kane-drawn annual that would make a great “anchor store” for another collection.


  2. Paul Kupperberg

    Hey Todd, I’m with you on the pleased and proud to be included part! There were lots of great Tales stories done in those days, so to get a hand full in as we did is cool. I love seeing that “vintage” Gibbons art again, plus Carmine Infantino (in a couple of rare instances where editors let him ink himself, a look I always loved) and I’m particularly happy that one of my collaborations with the late, great Don Newton–the story that introduced Ch’p, the chipmunk GL–was included. I was always kind of miffed that everyone later on missed the joke and turned Ch’p into a bigfoot cartoon character so I’m glad the original’s finally out there for all to see.

    And, Kurt–I’d love to see that Kane annual reprinted too, since I co-wrote that puppy with Len Wein. That was just one of those fanboy-thrills-of-a-lifetime (well, for old farts of our generation, anyway), sitting down to dialogue a story drawn by Gil Kane!

  3. Kurt Busiek

    Hey! I just received _my_ “contributor’s copy” of the TALES OF THE GLC TPB!

    I don’t particularly mind not being in it — no offense meant to me, Richard, Todd, Paul or anyone else, but my prime interest in pushing for the book was to get that Barr/Wein/Staton mini-series in book form. But I do hope there’ll be more volumes, since there’s lots of good stuff to collect (and since my other two GLC stories were drawn by Don Heck, pencils and inks, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Joe Rubinstein, I sure wouldn’t mind having those available again!).


  4. Paul Kupperberg

    Kurt, I hear you–much as I like my stories being reprinted, I also love that I get the miniseries PLUS those great stories by Todd & Dave (or was that a 1960s British rock duo?), plus everything else. Books like this one, WORLD OF KRYPTON, the KANDOR tpb, etc., I read cover-to-cover, just for old times sake and to take me back to when Comics Were Good.

  5. DavidLG1971

    Gentlemen – I was just getting into comics in the years where DC morphed GL/GA into a GL/Corps format. Your individual stories in this collection were often the highlight of the month, and make up a big chunk of my ‘favorite GL stories’ list. Thanks to each of you for that. (I anxiously await my copy of the TPB to arrive. Hopefully today…)

    These stories followed a model similar to Star Trek, in using alien characters to examine philisophical questions – tales of morality, loyalty, etc. All in 6-8 pages! A question I often wonder: Why don’t people write stories along those lines today? Has the audience become too narrow (superhero-centric?) for the subject matter?

    It’s a little disappointing that the Busiek/Howell ‘The Price You Pay” was omitted, as it’s one of my favorites. Hopefully in volume 2.

    They recently collected another standout GLC story – the Wein/Kane “Final Duties” – in the collection of Geoff Johns’ favorites. But I would love to (someday) see a 300-page HC that includes all this great stuff.

    Either way, color me excited – Don Newton’s art on better paper! Now if DC would just reprint his Batman work…

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