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The Sandman onslaught continues with this new arrival, a new printing of the first book of four, originally released in 2012. This is identical to the first printing as far as I can tell except for the replacement of the Vertigo imprint label with a DC Black Label, and perhaps the price is different, not sure. There doesn’t seem to be any changes in the text or new material. I devoured many other Annotated classics over the years, and have a half dozen in my own library. The annotations by Leslie Klinger are mainly for literary references, he doesn’t consider, or perhaps doesn’t know about many of the references in the art and writing to other things in comics, and really doesn’t have much to say about the art at all, but what he does cover is thoroughly done. Still, lots of pages of the comic, reproduced in black and white with colors rendered as gray tones in some places, with no notes at all. I thought when it came out, and still think, that having a co-writer from the comics history arena would have made a more interesting book, but it is what it is, and I’m sure these will still be enjoyable and interesting for many Sandman fans. Original retail price is $49.99. Check with your comics retailer or use the Amazon link below to order. Should be out soon if it isn’t already.

The Annotated Sandman Volume One

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