Incoming: THE DON ROSA LIBRARY Volumes 7 & 8

Images © Disney.

I didn’t know about this handsome series until I received these two volumes from Fantagraphics last week. I lettered one story in each volume. The books are European album size I think, with pages 8.5 by 11 inches, therefore larger than any U.S. printings, and on much better paper with sewn bindings, too. I imagine Don’s epic “Life of Scrooge,” which I lettered, is in some of the previous volumes, I haven’t seen those. I love Don’s work, and loved working on his stories, but I remember the stories included here (“Vigilante of Pizen Bluff” and “The Quest for Kalevala”) well enough that I don’t plan to reread them. I will probably reread the other Rosa stories that I didn’t letter, I don’t remember them nearly as well. There’s lots of extra material including commentary by Don and plenty of his art that I haven’t seen before. At 224 pages each for $29.99, this seems like an excellent series, and one I would recommend as Christmas presents for young and old alike. Not sure when they are available, but check with your comics retailer or Fantagraphics.

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