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DC has reprinted the earliest Huntress stories, and I think not for the first time. My first clue was that the introduction by writer Paul Levitz is dated 2006. In any case, this is a nice collection of stories written by Paul and pencilled by Joe Staton with a variety of inkers, colorists and letterers, including myself. Huntress’ first appearance and origin was in DC SUPERSTARS #17 dated December 1977, and originally released not long after I began working at DC. I liked the character from the start. Thereafter she appeared in a long series of short backup stories in BATMAN FAMILY and WONDER WOMAN. The many creators involved other than Paul and Joe reflect DC’s freelance policy at the time for backup stories of handing out available work to the next freelancer who needed it without trying to keep any one person on any one series. It certainly worked fine for me, and I was lucky enough to get to letter quite a few of these Huntress stories, and even design her first logo (not the one on the cover, but it appears on one of the stories). My lettering here doesn’t look very good to me now, it was early work when I was still learning, and stories lettered by old pros like Ben Oda and John Costanza look much better, but on the other hand, it’s readable and not terrible. Not sure when this is out, but if you like the character, it’s worth having.

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