Incoming: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen BLACK DOSSIER

Black Dossier cover
©Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill.

Not a review, just letting you know it’s out, and I got my copies today. I can hardly believe it’s finally here…I started working on this book in May of 2004. There were lots of delays along the way, but it was essentially finished in late 2006, though there were continued corrections and tweaks until about two months ago when they FINALLY sent it out to the printer.

I’m quite pleased with the way it looks. I just had a chat with artist Kevin O’Neill, and he’s happy as well, barring a few minor layout things he wants changed if it’s printed again. But overall, we’re both relieved to finally have it in our hands. Alan hasn’t seen it yet, but will tomorrow, most likely. I think he’ll be pleased as well. Let me know what YOU think.

7 thoughts on “Incoming: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen BLACK DOSSIER

  1. Jess Nevins

    Oh yes. This one has so many 1950s British sf references that I doubt I’ll get them all, but I’ll try my best.

  2. Tom Siebert

    Can’t wait to read this. Now regret pre-ordering on Amazon because I’ve got to wait a week, apparently, to get it.

    Mr. Klein, have you heard any reaction from Mr. Moore?

    Thanks much for your continuing excellent work.


  3. Sean Price

    Great bit of design Todd. Love the Tube map contents page. What a stunning book. Got my copy today in the UK from Amazon and I have to say well worth the wait.

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