New cover by Fábio Moon

Just arrived, a large, beautiful hardcover collecting four of the Neil Gaiman short story adaptations that Dark Horse has been publishing since 2001. The book style and format is just like DC Absolute Editions with excellent oversize reproductions of each page on thick, matte finish white paper. The only cost-cutting I can see is that the binding is glued rather than sewn.

I lettered two of these and own three, I look forward to reading the one I haven’t seen, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties.” There are ten books in the series that I know of, probably enough for three volumes if they include a few other things too. They’re all well done with excellent art, in this case by P. Craig Russell, Rafael Alguquerque, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, Rafael Scavone and Shane Oakley.

Publication date is June 17. Highly recommended.

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