Incoming: THE SANDMAN BOOK THREE Trade Paperbacks

Images © DC Comics. Cover art by Michael Wm. Kaluta and Dave McKean

These new trade paperback printings in advance of the upcoming Netflix TV series are arriving here at the astonishing rate of one per week. There’s no release date yet for the show other than 2022, but comics retailers and bookstores should be ready for any new readers if they’ve ordered these. One cover is new from Dave McKean I think, the other reprints the Kaluta cover from the recent hardcover edition. Volume Three includes original issues 38 to 56 and a story from VERTIGO PREVIEW #1. This book was just listed on Amazon as coming out in May, Books One and Two are listed as coming out in April. A link below will show what’s currently available there, or check with your comics retailer or bookstore.

The Sandman Book 3

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