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DC is going to the Sandman well again with a new series of collections in the Deluxe format: hardcovers with art slightly larger than the original comics, printing and paper considerably better than the original comics, but not as good or as large as the expensive ABSOLUTE SANDMAN boxed hardcovers of some years ago (this one has a glued, not sewn binding, for instance). One surprising change is a delightful wraparound cover by artist Michael Wm. Kaluta rather than Dave McKean, who I think has done the cover art on all previous collections (but there have been many, so I could be wrong). I don’t recall my friend Michael working on the Sandman series, so his take on the characters is interesting. This book contains issues 1-16 of the original series plus the long stand-alone story SANDMAN MIDNIGHT THEATRE, which I don’t recall ever appearing as part of a Sandman collection, but again I could be wrong. In any case, this is a good book particularly for new Sandman readers who want to enjoy and shelve the entire series. The retail price is $49.99, and while not up to the quality of the best edition (ABSOLUTE SANDMAN), this one is appealing and would grace any bookshelf. It’s due out in early November. An Amazon link is below, or check with your comics retailer or local bookseller.

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