Incoming: Three new DC hardcovers

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Just arrived at my door today are three projects I’ve lettered, looking great in hardcover. First is BATMAN NOËL, written and drawn by Lee Bermejo, a great retelling of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” with Batman as Scrooge. This is original material, not previously printed.

A FLIGHT OF ANGELS is another original with an unusual development path. Painter Rebecca Guay came up with the idea of a series of stories about Angels and found a group of writers to bring her concept to life. The framing story concerns an Angel that has crash-landed in Faery, and a group of that land’s inhabitants who must decide what to do about it. Each tells a story concerning an Angel, and each one is painted in a different style by Guay. Really fine work.

Last we have the collected mini-series JOE THE BARBARIAN. I thought the story by Grant Morrison was charming and exciting, and the art by Sean Murphy is excellent. Okay, I may be prejudiced about all these books because I worked on them, but I suggest you check them out. And all three required a variety of different lettering styles, too, so you can look for that as well.

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