Ira Schnapp in ALAN LADD and OZZIE & HARRIET

Alan Ladd 1 cover
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Two Hollywood star titles that began with Oct-Nov 1949 cover dates are discussed this time, THE ADVENTURES OF ALAN LADD and THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET. Both were short-lived and only the second has much involvement from Ira Schnapp. ALAN LADD ran nine issues and the editor of record is Whitney Ellsworth, though the actual editor may have been someone else. Ladd seems an odd choice for comics, though he may have had some appeal for kids of the time. The logo was designed by Ira Schnapp, and he did all the cover lettering for the series, at least the parts that aren’t set in type. On the first cover, above, that would be “Highlights from” and “Chicago Deadline.” There’s no hand-lettering on issue #6, but I’ll show the rest of the covers here.

Alan Ladd 2 cover

The lettering at the bottom of issue #2 is by Schnapp. The line of script uses Ira’s favorite script E, and the rest is a somewhat bouncy style that Ira used mainly in the 1940s.

Issue #3 from 1950 reuses the bottom script line, but the rest of the bottom lettering is new.

Alan Ladd 4 cover

Ira again lettered the story titles at the bottom of issue #4.

Alan Ladd 5 cover

Issue #5’s round blurb is by Ira.

With issue #7, photo covers gave way to drawn art. Only the upper and lower case blurb at lower left is by Ira.

Alan Ladd 8 cover

The blurb on issue #8 is Ira’s work, including the story title in his version of Old English. And that’s the extent of Schnapp’s work on this title, eight covers. He did not letter any of the stories.

Ozzie & Harriet 1 cover

OZZIE AND HARRIET lasted only five issues, and was probably edited by Larry Nadle, who was handling all the DC humor titles at the time. The Nelson family are touted here as radio stars, but they would move to a long-running TV show in 1952. They seem a more likely choice for a DC comic. They probably had a fan base of kids already, but apparently that was not enough to make this book a success. The logo and cover lettering is by Schnapp. He also lettered the rest of the covers. Here are two more:

This is the plan all the remaining covers followed, with art boxed at lower right and type and lettering around it. Most of this one is lettered by Ira, some use more type.

On issue #5, the bottom blurb is relettered in script to match the one above it. He did new work on all five covers.

Ozzie & Harriet 1 page

Ira also lettered all the Ozzie and Harriet stories inside all five issues as well as short ones about their dog Nick. He worked on a lot of humor and Hollywood titles, so it’s not too surprising. Above is a page from the first issue. Schnapp probably also created this story logo. The art by Owen Fitzgerald or his studio was created in California and delivered with the balloon borders inked, so Ira only filled in the actual lettering.

Ozzie & Harriet 3 page

Here’s a page from the Nick story in issue #3. Of course Nick did not talk in the radio or TV shows, but here he’s a typical talking funny animal.

Ozzie & Harriet 3 page

Another typical story page from issue #3. Below is a list of the stories lettered by Schnapp, all feature Ozzie and Harriet except as noted. In issues 4 and 5, there are three stories with separate numbering but they form one long adventure.

#1 Oct-Nov 1949: 12pp, 9pp, 7pp, Nick 3pp, 7pp

#2 Dec 1949-Jan 1950: 15pp, Nick 3pp, 8pp, 7pp

#3 Feb-March 1950: 8pp, 13pp, Nick 3pp, Pam 4pp, 9pp

#4 April-May 1950: 12pp, Nick 2pp, 12pp, 10pp

#5 June-July 1950: 10pp, 10pp, 10pp, Nick 2pp

That’s a total of 176 pages on this title.

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