Ira Schnapp in ALAN LADD and OZZIE & HARRIET

Alan Ladd 1 cover
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Two Hollywood star titles that began with Oct/Nov 1949 cover dates are covered this time, THE ADVENTURES OF ALAN LADD and THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET. Both were short-lived and neither have much involvement from Ira Schnapp, but I’m including them in my survey of his work for completeness. ALAN LADD ran nine issues and the editor of record is Whitney Ellsworth, though the actual editor may have been someone else. Ladd seems an odd choice for comics, though he may have had some appeal for kids of the time. I think the logo was designed by Ira Schnapp, and he probably also did the cover lettering, at least the parts that aren’t set in type. It’s possible they were done by the unknown letterer I’ve nicknamed “Proto-Schnapp” because I think his work was the model for Ira’s lettering, but Proto seems to have used a looser style for logos than what’s seen here.

Alan Ladd 2 cover

The lettering at the bottom of issue #2 is by Proto-Schnapp. The line of script is very similar to work Ira did, but the lettering above it is definitely a style he never used: capital letters with more bounce, roundness, and serifs that Ira’s similar work, giving it a more casual feel.

Alan Ladd 4 cover

The lettering at the bottom of issue #4’s cover is more like Ira Schnapp lettering, very regular and even, little bounce, and I think it’s by him.

Alan Ladd 5 cover

Issue #5’s round blurb is also by Ira, I think.

Alan Ladd 8 cover

The blurb on issue #8 is very much Ira’s work, including the story title in his version of Old English. And that’s the extent of Schnapp’s work on this title, four covers. Neither he nor Proto-Schnapp lettered any of the stories.

Ozzie & Harriet 1 cover

OZZIE AND HARRIET lasted only five issues, and was probably edited by Larry Nadle, who was handling all the DC humor titles at the time. The Nelson family, touted here as radio stars, but they would move to a long-running TV show in 1952, seem a more likely choice for a DC comic. They probably had a fan base of kids already, but apparently that was not enough to make this book a success. The logo names are in a style that either Proto-Schnapp or Ira Schnapp might have used, but the top line looks more like the work of Proto-Schnapp, and I think he also lettered the rest of the cover. The casual feel of the logo and lettering puts it in the Proto-Schnapp camp for me. Proto also lettered the other covers and most of the stories in this series.

Ozzie & Harriet 1 page

Here’s a typical page of Proto-Schnapp story lettering from the first issue, though the balloon borders may have been added by the artist. Notice how wide most of the regular lettering is, and the story logo is full of cartoony bounce that Ira was not so good at.

Ozzie & Harriet 3 page

Issue 3 has several stories that look more like Ira Schnapp’s work to me, including this one about the family dog. It’s borderline as far as the width of the lettering, though, so I’m not sure.

Ozzie & Harriet 3 page

This page from another story seems similar, but is the lettering a little wider? I think so. I’m having a hard time deciding on some stories in this issue, but since Proto did most of the lettering in the series, I guess I will have to give him the nod and say that none of it is lettered by Ira.

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