Ira Schnapp in FUNNY FOLKS

Around the same time in early 1946 that ANIMAL ANTICS was begun at DC, their sister company All-American Comics launched this similar anthology of funny animal stories. It was edited by Sheldon Mayer, a fine funny animal artist himself, and I think he designed the logo, as it’s similar in style to Mayer’s own creation SCRIBBLY. As far as I’ve discovered, Ira Schnapp did no work for All-American titles until after the companies were combined in 1946. Mayer continued to edit this one for a while, using his own stable of creators. Then it was passed on to Larry Nadle. This title was also renamed in 1950 as HOLLYWOOD FUNNY FOLKS for another 34 issues. As with ANIMAL ANTICS, the content and logo remained about the same, so I will include those here too.

Very few of the covers had any lettering, issue #18 from 1949 has only a small blurb at lower right lettered by Ira.

By issue #27, the logo is decorated with Nutsy Squirrel and his rabbit friend, now in the lead feature, and the word HOLLYWOOD is added above the logo, but it’s otherwise the same one that I think Sheldon Mayer designed. Neither that nor the word balloon look like the work of Ira Schnapp. Despite the name change I don’t think any of the characters were ever in cartoons.

By issue #39 in 1951, Ira was lettering balloons on some of the covers in his familiar style.

The final issue has a new trade dress with NUTSY SQUIRREL featured over the book’s name. This entire logo is by Ira Schnapp, and it shows where the book was headed next. The title became NUTSY SQUIRREL for twelve more issues which I’ll look at later.

These are the covers I see with Ira Schnapp lettering: 18, 19, 28, 34-36, 39-42, 44-46, 48-49, 51, 53-55, 58-60. That’s 22 in all.

Some of the lettering, like this page from issue #15, was excellent, but I don’t know who did it. It reminds me of the lettering of Ben Oda at the time, but isn’t quite the same as that, so the letterer remains unknown. The letterers used by All-American continued on this title for a while. When the editing was turned over to Larry Nadle, who handled most of DC’s humor titles, lettering by Ira Schnapp begins to show up more often.

From FUNNY FOLKS #16, Oct-Nov 1948

This is the first story in the series lettered by Schnapp. His work appeared on one or more stories in most issues from this point on.

From FUNNY FOLKS #19, April-May 1949

Features used in DC’s ANIMAL ANTICS began to appear in FUNNY FOLKS, like this one, with Ira’s lettering, so perhaps editor Nadle was just pulling from his inventory for both books.

From FUNNY FOLKS #19, April-May 1949

It’s hard to know where each series originated from this point on. Some probably had input from or were created by Sheldon Mayer.

From FUNNY FOLKS #21, Aug-Sept 1949

Another series that appeared in both books with lettering by Schnapp.

From FUNNY FOLKS #22, Oct-Nov 1949

Nutsy Squirrel began appearing in the first issue of this series, and by issue 22 was sometimes lettered by Ira.

This story from issue #22 lettered by Schnapp has the same name as a later TV cartoon series, but is unrelated.

From issue #27 on there were more stories lettered by Ira Schnapp like this one in issue #41. Ira was rarely the only story letterer, but he did quite a few.

Here’s a page of Ira’s lettering from the final issue of this title, #60. Below are all the stories I see Ira Schnapp lettering on from this series. In later issues, Nutsy Squirrel often had a second story so I’ve numbered those. Feature names are abbreviated after the first appearance.

#16 Oct-Nov 1948: Chick N’ Gumbo 7pp

#18 Feb-March 1949: CnG 8pp

#19 April-May 1949: Nip & Chip 6pp, Doodles Duck 6pp

#20 June-July 1949: N&C 5pp, Ozzie Owl 6pp

#21 Aug-Sept 1949: OO 6pp, Plato Platypus 7pp, Roly & Poly 6pp

#22 Oct-Nov 1949: Nutsy Squirrel 6pp, Ruff & Reddy 7pp, PlatoP 6pp

#23 Dec 1949-Jan 1950: PlatoP 5pp, N&C 6pp, OO 6pp

#24 Feb-March 1950: N&C 6pp

#26 June-July 1950: R&P 6pp, N&C 7pp, Ham Hocks 7pp, NutsyS (2) 7pp

#27 Aug-Sept 1950: NutsyS (2) 2pp, Fraidy Cat 6pp

#28 Oct-Nov 1950: FraidyC 5pp

#29 Dec 1950: NutsyS (1) 6pp, Rufus Lion 6pp

#31 Feb 1951: NutsyS (2) 7pp

#32 March 1951: NutsyS (1) 10pp, Bo Bunny 7pp

#33 April 1951: NutsyS (2) 6pp

#34 May 1951: NutsyS (1) 8pp, Lil Chicadee 6pp

#35 June 1951: NutsyS (1) 6pp

#36 July 1951: Rufus Lion 6pp, NutsyS (2) 7pp

#38 Sept 1951: NutsyS (1) 6pp, (2) 6pp

#39 Oct 1951: NutsyS (1) 10pp

#40 Nov 1951: NutsyS (1) 6pp, BoB 6pp

#41 Dec 1951: NutsyS (1) 6pp, RufusL 5pp, NutsyS (2) 4pp

#42 Jan 1952: N&C 5pp

#43 Feb 1952: NutsyS (1) 5pp, DoodlesD 6pp

#44 March 1952: Dizzy Dog 6pp

#45 April 1952: NutsyS (1) 6pp, BoB 6pp, Blackie Bear 4pp, Bernard 6pp

#46 May 1952: NutsyS (1) 6pp, N&C 6pp, DoodlesD 6pp, NutsyS (2) 5pp

#47 June 1952: NutsyS (1) 6pp, Pinky & Winky 6pp, NutsyS (2) 6pp

#48 July-Aug 1952: FraidyC 5pp

#49 Sept-Oct 1952: NutsyS 6pp, 5pp (1-2)

#50 Nov-Dec 1952: NutsyS 6pp, 3pp (1-2)

#51 Jan-Feb 1953: Biggety Bear 3pp, DoodlesD 6pp

#52 March-April 1953: FraidyC 4pp, NutsyS (2) 4pp

#53 May-June 1953: NutsyS (1) 6pp, Biggety Bear 4pp, Blabber Mouse 4pp

#54 July-Aug 1953: FraidyC 4pp, Bernard 4pp, NutsyS (2) 4pp

#55 Sept-Oct 1953: FraidyC 4pp, NutsyS (2) 6pp

#56 Nov-Dec 1953: NutsyS (1) 6pp, DoodlesD 4pp

#57 Jan-Feb 1954: NutsyS (2) 4pp

#58 March-April 1954: NutsyS (1) 6pp, N&C 4pp

#60 July-Aug 1954: NutsyS (1) 6pp, DoodlesD 4pp, NutsyS (2) 4pp

That’s 464 pages in all.

More articles in this series can be found on the Comics Creation page of my blog.

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