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Building on the success of their first romance comic for Prize, YOUNG ROMANCE, creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby started this sister title in 1949. It ran for 73 issues to 1956. In 1960 a new series began with issue #18 and ran to issue #38 in 1963. That year the publisher decided to get out of comics and sold YOUNG ROMANCE and YOUNG LOVE to DC Comics. DC picked up the numbering of the second Prize run and published issues 39-126 from 1963 to 1977. The original logos of both Prize titles are probably by Joe Simon.

Issue #21 of the second Prize series saw this new logo debut. It’s probably also by Joe Simon, but the style certainly reminds me of Ira Schnapp’s romance logos, so perhaps Simon was looking at those for ideas.

When the first DC issue arrived, it used the same logo with the addition of solid inner shapes perhaps added by Schnapp. Ira also lettered this and most of the covers to issue #64 in 1967, and lettered many stories inside as well. While DC made YOUNG ROMANCE the home of a series about an airline stewardess, this book featured one about a registered nurse that ran for some time as the title joined the five other DC romance series. If DC had the rights to reprint the Prize material, they never did, but as romance stories reflected the styles and fashions of the time they were produced, things that changed often, that made sense. When DC reprinted their own early romance stories, the hairstyles and fashions were often updated.

Ira’s cover lettering for this and the other romance books seems to generally use thinner pen lines than most of his cover work, and his captions were elegant and used more curves, like the cut-out corners of this one on issue #42.

On the cover of issue #51 from 1965, the bottom caption is an oval, and the story title is interesting. I love the banner at the top too.

On issue #56, a new Ira Schnapp logo begins, with very thick standard block letters. I don’t like it as much as the first one, and this cover in general has too much lettering, as was often the case in this 1966 worst cover design period at DC.

Ira’s final cover lettering on issue #64 in 1967 is a much more appropriate amount and works well next to the logo. Here are the covers lettered by Schnapp: 39-49, 51-52, 54-57, 59-61, 63-64. That’s 22 in all.

Ira’s story lettering began on the first page of the first DC issue as he introduces the new registered nurse series. These would include script captions that are probably close to Schnapp’s own handwriting. As you can see, the art on this page and the cover of issue #39 are the same, probably a way to save some money.

Along with the series stories, each issue had stand-alone romance tales like this one from issue #54 with a handsome Schnapp title.

Ira’s final new page lettering for the series was in issue #64, sample above.

Here are the stories lettered by Ira Schnapp, not counting reprints. Toward the end of this run, many issues were reprinting one story from other DC romance titles, often lettered by Ira.

#39 Sept/Oct 1963: No Cure for Love 12pp, The Eve of His Wedding 8pp

#40 Nov/Dec 1963: Which Way My Heart? 12pp, Someone to Remember 8pp, The Power of Love 8pp

#41 Jan/Feb 1964: End With a Kiss 8pp, No Tomorrow For My Heart 12pp

#42 March/April 1964: Boys Are Fools 8pp, Fearful Heart 12pp

#43 May/June 1964: Remember Yesterday 6pp, Shadow of Love 12pp

#45 Sept/Oct 1964: As Long As A Lifetime 8pp, One Kiss for Always 15pp

#46 Nov/Dec 1964: Veil of Silence 15pp

#47 Jan/Feb 1965: Every Beat of His Heart 7pp

#48 March/April 1965: Two-Sided Heart 15pp

#49 May/June 1965: Your Man Is Mine 7pp, Someone Hear My Heart 15pp

#50 July/Aug 1965: Second-Hand Love 10pp

#51 Sept/Oct 1965: All Men Are Children 10pp, No Easy Lessons In Love 14pp

#52 Nov/Dec 1965: Don’t Let It Stop 9pp

#53 Jan/Feb 1966: I Wanted to Share My Love 10pp, Everybody Likes Me But Nobody Loves Me 12pp

#54 March/April 1966: False Love 8pp

#55 May/June 1966: An Empty Heart 5pp, Someone Of My Own To Love 14pp

#56 July/Aug 1966: Believe It Or Not It’s Love 4pp

#57 Sept/Oct 1966: On the Edge of Love 13pp, Love Made To Order 5pp

#58 Nov/Dec 1966: The True Face of Love 8pp

$59 Jan/Feb 1967: A Stranger to Love 7pp, Love Will Find a Way 7pp

#60 March/April 1967: I Never Gave Love a Chance 7pp

#61 May/June 1967: First Prize Heartbreak 10pp

#64 Nov/Dec 1967: The Sting of Jealousy 6pp, Waiting for the End of Love 8pp

That’s a total of 355 pages on this title.

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