James Taylor, Atlantic City

Last night Ellen and I saw James in concert at the Borgata Hotel and Casino Event Center. It was a great show. I think this is the third time I’ve seen James live, and he’s as sharp and energetic as ever, very funny and entertaining when speaking as well. He did two sets, each about an hour, and there wasn’t a dull moment. His band is terrific, and it’s a good-sized one with four singers, keyboardist, sax and trumpet, base and electric guitar, drummer and percussionist. At times, as above, James sits in the spotlight and plays favorites from early in his career like “Carolina In My Mind” and “Sweet Baby James” with quiet accompaniment. Other songs like “Steamroller” and “Your Smiling Face” let the band rock out. James told some stories I hadn’t heard from him before, as when introducing “Something In The Way She Moves,” which was his audition song before McCartney and Harrison for their new Apple label. It got him the job, and he mentioned what a wonderful experience it was recording his first album for them between Beatles sessions that became their White Album. Other great stories ensued, and James was funny with audience comments, too. When people called out song requests, he held up the big playlist board lying flat on the stage next to him, pointing out the ones they’d asked for, or later just pointing at the board and either making an “OK” sign or a sad shrug. There were several encores to a standing ovation crowd. The event sold out almost immediately when tickets went on sale. I missed that, and had to pay outrageous scalper prices online, but it was well worth it, and I’d do it again in a minute. Long may he sing!

2 thoughts on “James Taylor, Atlantic City

  1. lynda

    hi todd, i was at that show too… my 1st and amazing! i am trying to recal the set list (in order), can you help.. this is what i have thus far…

    thanks- lynda

    Set List – Part I:
    Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You);
    Angry Blues;
    Something in the Way She Moves; (Beatles)
    Line ‘Em Up;
    Carolina in My Mind;
    Up On The Roof;

    Set List – Part II:
    Western Plain (When I Was a Cowboy);
    (I’m a) Road Runner; (Junior Walker cover);
    Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight;
    Your Smiling Face;
    Sweet Baby James;
    Fire and Rain;

    -Shower The People ?
    – MLK song?

  2. Todd Post author

    I can’t recall the order, but I know he also did “Jump Up Behind Me,” and the MLK song is “Shed a Little Light.”
    Your second song is “How Sweet It Is”, “Shower the People” was an encore, “Up on the Roof” is by Goffin & King, “Everyday” is by Buddy Holly, “When I Was a Cowboy” is by Huddie Leadbetter (Leadbelly). (Don’t think he’s recorded that one, or if so I haven’t heard it.) “Something in the Way She Moves” is by James, not the Beatles.

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