Jazzy 1920s Lettering by Paul Fung

Artist George Freeman pointed me in the direction of an article about cartoonist Paul Fung and his Jazz Age lettering on the strip “Gus and Gussie” by artist Joakim Gunnarsson. This is a sample of a large display lettering collage Gunnarsson put together from the strip. Joakim writes, “Not only was he a talented cartoonist, he was also a really good letterer.” I agree! the article and more lettering is HERE. Click on the collage for a larger view. There’s also a link to another image, but it’s reversed white on black for some reason.

3 thoughts on “Jazzy 1920s Lettering by Paul Fung

  1. Joakim Gunnarsson

    Thanks for the link to my blog! 🙂
    I don’t know why the sheet appears to be reversed in Google Doc, but when it’s downloaded it will display correctly. (It’s a 600dpi file suitable for printing.)

  2. Todd Post author

    Quite welcome, Joakim. I did download the file, it was still reversed. I opened it in Photoshop, converted from indexed color to RGB, inverted the colors, and saved as a jpg. That got it to the correct look.

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