John Workman, Frank Thorne Birthday Bash

Actually, no bashing involved, just a nice outdoor party and barbecue at the home of John Workman on Saturday to celebrate his 60th birthday, the 80th birthday of his friend artist Frank Thorne, and the graduation from High School of John’s nephew. Ellen and I drove up to central Jersey for the event and had a nice time visiting with John’s relatives and friends, as well as a few comics folks. Always fun to talk to John about the old days at DC and other adventures. I don’t think I ever spoke to Frank before, though I remember seeing his performance with Wendy Pini as “The Wizard and Red Sonja” at a Phil Seuling convention in the early 1970s, and I did once letter a Thorne story for “National Lampoon.” Frank and his wife were friendly and Frank had some good stories to tell.

Also at the party were Walter and Louise Simonson. Walter is, of course, a wonderful artist and friend of John’s, and John has lettered Walt’s work nearly exclusively I think since the 1970s, an admirable partnership. Both Walter and Louise are great folks, always fun to talk to, and Walt entertained us all with more good stories about the comics business, teaching at the School of Visual Arts and other things.

There too were John’s friends Rick Spanier, left, and letterer Bob Pinaha, right, as well as a few others that I didn’t get pictures of. Mostly it was a chance to sit around and chat with old friends and new, and we had a fine time. Here’s to many more, John and Frank!

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