Kittens Being Bad, Tigger’s Version


Tig here. Th’ Man was gonna say how bad I been other day, but I got here first. See, Leo, he got this thing about birds. He sit there for hours, waitin’, then they come, and he get all excited, talkin’ to himself.


I try ta tell him “Leo, you can’t get those birds, there’s some hard stuff in th’ way,” but he keeps tryin’. He jump up, birds fly, he fall down. Then he do it again.


We can see them birds, we can talk about ’em, but we can’t catch ’em. But Leo, he don’t get it, he keeps tryin’. Me, I get bored. I gotta do other stuff. I climb on th’ cabinets, and Th’ Man say, “NOOO!” real loud and clap, too. Don’t like it. Why he pickin’ on me?


So I go in th’ livin’ room ta play, and all of a sudden, a loud noise, THUMP!, scare me. Th’ Man come in, “NOOOO, Tigger! Bad boy!” All I hear anymore. Whatta grump. So I go upstairs.


I find this paper stuff, an’ I pull it. Real fun ta play with. Havin’ a great time, when, there’s Th’ Man again, with his “NOOOO, TIGGER!” Geez, always blamin’ everythin’ on me. I was just playin’. Leo, he just look smug, “I’m a GOOD boy,” he say. Well, sometimes Leo get yelled at, too. I know what I do, I pretend I’m real cute and smiley, then Leo get all th’ yellin’. Here, see what ya think:


Nobody gonna yell at me lookin’ like that, right? Leo gonna get all th’ grief, I tell ya. This gonna work. You’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Kittens Being Bad, Tigger’s Version

  1. kelly

    The story is great, but I think my demon would win the contest for being the baddest kitty, easy! Bella is very destructive (but cute). Kelly

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