Kittens on Parole


We’re back home, and today we let the kittens out twice to do a bit of exploring. At lunch time, Ellen put them in the carrier and brought them out into the kitchen, where they watched intently as we fed Katie her lunch. Then Ellen put their food down and let them out. Everyone ate peacefully. By the way, the kittens are growing, already noticeably larger than when we brought them home a few weeks ago.


Of course the food was gone in a flash, and then it was time to spread out and investigate.


All sorts of exciting smells and unusual corners to poke into in the kitchen. Note the almost perfectly circular stripe on Leo’s side, and there’s one on the other side, too. This is not flashy prison garb designed to make him stand out in a crowd, but just his unique markings.


Katie, the parole officer, watched all this activity closely, but stayed put, only hissing at the kittens when they got too near to her. After about a half hour, Ellen lured the kittens back to their room with more food.


This evening at dinner time we let them out again, this time just opening their gate and putting their food down. Again, everyone held to their place while they ate in silence.


Then while the kittens explored the kitchen and living room we let Katie into the kittens’ room to have a look around and finish up the small amount of dry food in there. We’re hoping to appease her by getting her to associate the kittens with a little extra food, and it seems to be working so far. Again, after about a half hour Ellen lured the kittens back to their room, this time with their string on a stick toy. There was one awkward moment when Katie went for the string at the same time as Tigger, but otherwise all went well. Afterwards Katie and the kittens each got some extra attention and a little more food. We plan to continue this for the next few days. The kittens may get longer out times if they behave well, we’ll see how that goes. The parole officer and her assistants (us) will keep an eye on things.

One thought on “Kittens on Parole

  1. kelly

    Everyone certainly look healthy and happy! I think I would like to be one of your pets, life seems pretty good there. Bella in doing great we really love her. I wonder if Leo, Tigger and Bella would remember each other? Keep writing I love reading your captions! Kelly

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