Leaf Work

Here’s a chance for those of you who don’t have lawns with leaves to remove, or lawns at all, to feel smug. Most of the time I like living in the woods, but this time of year, not so much. Last weekend I had all the leaves cleaned up, but only about a third were down from the oak trees.

This week we had the Big Drop, when most of those oak leaves decided it was time to go. We also had two days of rain making them nice and wet at the bottom. Sometimes I rake, but today I used the leaf blower. I think they each take about the same time.

After about two hours I had much of it done.

Though, of course, there are still leaves falling from the roof, and some of the remaining 10 percent or so from the trees. Some of those will hang on until spring.

There’s about another hour to do, and I’ll get to it tomorrow. And probably another round of final raking in a week or two.

When I was a teenager I used to make leaf mazes in our family’s large yard, similar to this one I found a picture of online. Then my brothers and I would play tag in them. That’s about the last time I remember having a lot of fun raking leaves!

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