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I’m working on a revised version of my Legion of Super-Heroes logo study today, and it looks like it will take a while. The one on my blog now was an early study, before I had worked out the best way to approach them, and I thought I’d update it with some of the new images and information I’ve gathered since my trip to the DC offices. Rereading it convinced me it needs a complete rewrite, though, and the new version will probably be twice as long. I spent over four hours today gathering, scanning and preparing the images, and hope to finally get started with the writing tomorrow, but I don’t expect to start posting it until next weekend. Still need to get a little more info, too, if I can. One mystery is the logo above. It’s designed by Gaspar Saladino, probably between 1975 and 1980, and I can’t find it used on the cover of any printed book. If you recognize it, and know where it saw print, please let me know.

I’ve been making good progress with identifying and contacting logo creators this week. Two that I learned of on my DC trip are Alex Wald and Steve Vance. I knew both names, but had never met either, and didn’t know they had designed logos for DC until I found their names on some there. (A smart idea, wish every designer had done that!) I was able to contact both, and get a list of their DC logos and some new images from them, too. Since neither has a website showing their logo work, I may run a blog post spotlighting the DC logos of each. I also talked to John Workman about his DC logos, and through an exchange of emails, he helped me identify about a half dozen he had done, putting a designer name on logos that had none as far as I knew. I also learned from Mike Grell that he designed the Warlord logo, and figured out a few others through clues on the logos. There’s more to do in that area, but I think I can now put a designer’s name on about 90% of the DC logos from 1950 to 1995, at least. Before 1950 there’s little information, and after 1995 hand-lettered logos became scarce. I do know the designers of about 60% or more of the digital logos, but I need to do more work there.

Meanwhile, I’ll have a brief but, I think, interesting logo post tomorrow on RAGMAN.

2 thoughts on “Legion revisited, and other logo stuff

  1. Lee

    Hi Todd,

    Just finished reading your history of the Legion logo and wondered whether this logo would be mentioned. It never appeared on an actual cover but was used in the advertising for the new Baxter Legion series that you ended up designing the logo for. It actually appeared in the back of issue 313 of the Legion of Superheroes (oddly enough, one reprinted in your study). No actual image was used, just a comics shaped rectangle featuring the above logo and the DC Bullet, being overlapped by a black and white copy of the cover of issue 313 to advertise a subscription for the two new titles. I thought at the time that this was the original logo, abandoned for yours because it took up too much room, but it from what you say it appears to be one that they already had, and was used as you had probably not finished the new logo at the time the advert was put together.

    I hope this helps– very much enjoy reading your blog, and especially the logo studies. As a long time reader of the Legion, it has to be said that it’s an incredibly unwieldy title to turn into a logo. The ones that work best, in my opinion, are your Baxter run one and the relaunch as just The Legion, both because they find incredibly elegant ways of treating the logo while adhering to the spirit of the comic.

    All the best,

  2. Todd Post author

    Thanks for solving the mystery, Lee! That means it was probably lettered by Gaspar as a house ad, and someone saved it in the logo folder at the time, thinking it might be wanted again. I’ll add that information to the logo study.

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