Lens on Leo

We love our three cats equally, but lately it’s Leo who’s been doing things I find entertaining enough to take pictures of. Here he is during our last snowfall, a few weeks ago, trying to observe the birds and squirrels out back from the porch, and keeping to the handy shadow made by snow against the screen door.

When lit up by the flash, he seemed to be thinking, “Why’d you give me away?” Of course he can’t get out of the porch, but likes to think he can.

Leo’s new thing at evening play time, when I dangle things from strings, like this feather toy, is to go into a shoebox Ellen put down for them, and he wants to play from there. It’s pretty funny to see him getting into this box: he goes in head first and somehow turns around inside, and it’s a very tight fit!

Caught it! But not for long.

Now I’ve tempted him out of the box, hoping he’ll run around some and use up his bountiful energy! Other recent games are a return to ping-pong-ball soccer, and crawling under pillows and blankets. The latter can be disconcerting when you don’t know he’s there!

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