Leo and the Beetle


A few minutes ago, our cat Leo was hanging on this screen on our porch meowing, letting me know he had found something unusual. I went over and saw there was a large beetle on the screen, but as I tried to touch it, the beetle made a loud CLICK and dropped to the ground.



It wasn’t moving, playing dead, so I got my camera and a beetle field guide to see if I could find out what it was. Didn’t take too long, as it was featured right on the cover, an Eyed Click-Beetle. The large eye spots are not its real eyes, those are much smaller and right at the front.

LeoandBeetleLeo was still meowing, he wanted that beetle in the worst way, so I picked it up on a piece of bark and let him have a good sniff. That’s about all he’d probably do if I actually brought the beetle inside and gave it to him, but I wasn’t about to do that anyway.

BeetleWoodsI left the beetle out in the woods after one more photo, and now Leo’s back to following the chipmunks as they run along the edge of the porch looking for seeds and such. This large beetle, about two inches long, is one I don’t remember seeing before, but the book says they’re common throughout North America. Click!






One thought on “Leo and the Beetle

  1. Cathy Workman

    Thank you for the beetle ID. We’ve never seen one in all the years we’ve been back here.

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