Letterers Speak

Finding I have nothing new to say here at the moment, I thought I’d direct you to two interviews with letterers I found worth reading. First, two British letterers best known for their work on British comics like 2000 AD, but who have also lettered American comics: Ellie DeVille and Annie Parkhouse, interviewed HERE.

Second, JG Roshell, co-founder of Comicraft with Richard Starkings, talks about lettering the HEROES TV-series web-comics HERE. Link to the site’s comics is HERE, if you’d like to sample them.

One thought on “Letterers Speak

  1. ]@/\/\!3

    I’m hearing that goofy song that Paul Shaffer does on the Letterman
    show, when they did viewer mail.

    “Letters… We’ve got letters… Lots and lots of letters…”

    Thanks for the links.
    It’s always fun to see behind the scenes.


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