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Well, of interest to me, and perhaps to you as well. From time to time folks who have ordered my signed prints send me pictures of them framed and hanging in their home. I love seeing that. Fritz Park went one better — he has them on display at a local bookstore along with other parts of his collection,┬áVery cool, and what makes it even more interesting is, this bookstore is in Seoul, Korea! Thanks, Fritz.

Speaking of prints, I’ve been remiss in not mentioning this sooner. Over on Cat Mihos’ NEVERWEAR site you can find a print of the poem “In Relig Oran” written by Neil Gaiman, art by Michael Zulli, lettering and design by me. Both signed and unsigned copies are available. In this case, I used one of my fonts to letter the body of the poem, and a commercial font for the titles (except for the decorative capital, which is hand-drawn). The design work involved making that fit on the art, and adding the top and bottom banners. I think it turned out well, and the print is 11 by 17 inches, the same as mine, so would make a nice companion to them. Lots of other cool stuff there, too, especially if you’re a Neil Gaiman fan.

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