Locust Moon Comicfest 2013


I had a good time at this one-day show in Philadelphia yesterday. I drove up from home, travel time about 1 and 1/4 hours, and there was a parking garage across the street from the venue, part of the University of Pennsylvania. Here’s the outside.

EntranceSome exhibitors getting their stuff in the door.


The Rotunda is clearly a former church, old and under repair. There are two rooms, the large round one you reach first is “The Sanctuary.”


Inside there were about fifty exhibitor and artist tables. Lots of small press, some comics dealers, and a few dozen creators.


Another view of the Sanctuary.


Beyond the Sanctuary, through hallways on either side, you came to a smaller room known as the Theater with another 25 tables. This is where I set up. Up on the actual stage was Jim Steranko with a great display of his paintings, most of The Shadow, some of Hercules from the recent series I lettered for Radical Comics.


Steranko looks great, is full of energy, friendly, smiling, and genial. I saw him offering advice to a budding artist, and it was solid advice. An  incredibly talented man, his paintings were amazing to see in person.


Locust Moon co-owner Josh O’Neill talks to artist Chrissie Zullo.


At the next table were John and Cathy Workman, old friends. We had a great time talking, about everything from John’s earliest work in comics to our brief time working together on staff at DC Comics (just a few months) to John’s time as art director of HEAVY METAL magazine, to stories about people we both worked with, artists and writers, projects we’re working on, and more. This was the best thing about the show for me, I haven’t had so much time to talk to John in forever. The room got very warm. We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather the last few weeks, and Saturday was no exception. Our room was on the south side with large windows, and no air conditioning. There were a few fans, but it was sweaty. People were still having a good time, though.


At noon a panel with John and I was planned at the Locust Moon Comics Shop, about two blocks from the show at 34 South 40th Street. This seemed like a reasonable idea, but didn’t work out, as only one person showed up. Too far from the show, I think.


We didn’t mind. Instead of sitting at a table and talking, we looked around the shop, and then sat on a couch looking at some great art books (The Wally Wood Artist Edition, and some recent Alex Toth collections) and talking. John always has good stories to tell, he told some about Wood and Toth, and others. Above is shop co-owner Chris Stevens who enjoyed our conversation as well, I think.

It was a fun day. I sold ten prints, and many people took my bookmark with the website info and said they would order online. Hopefully some will. As always, the best thing was talking to fans and other creators I know, and meeting new ones. I left a little after 6 PM, and got home before 8 PM. A tiring day, but well worth it.


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