Locust Moon shop appearance report

Ellen and I both enjoyed our evening at Locust Moon Comics and Movies Friday. It was truly a party, with food and drink and pleasant conversation, and I sat down to sign, letter and meet people several times as well. Ellen took some photos for us, that’s her in the background. Ace photographer Kyle Cassidy, who some of you may know from the book “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” and many other fine works, showed up, and we met there for the first time. Turns out Kyle and I know a lot of the same people, and it was fun to meet him. He took the photo above, and did a portrait photo of me too, more on that below.

Shop owners and friends were terrific, extremely helpful and welcoming, led by Chris Stevens, to my right above, who made the entire experience a great one. Co-owners Josh O’Neill (to my left) and Justin Postelwaite (far right) were also helpful. Afraid I can’t recall the name of the gentleman at far left, who is editing a comics anthology Locust Moon is preparing, but when Chris reads this he’ll remind me.

I lettered some large balloons with markers for two young girls who are big SANDMAN fans. Here’s Cassandra getting a balloon in the style of Dream…

…and Rose receiving hers in the style of Delirium. Dream’s balloon took a while to fill in the blacks!

Here they are with their pieces, very happy, and it was fun to do it for them.

I signed plenty of SANDMAN books as well as other things I’ve worked on.

Here’s Kyle Cassidy talking to me and Josh. Be sure to visit Kyle’s website and blog, where you’ll find the photos of me used here as well as lots of other photos of more colorful folks. There’s a very nice one of Michael Zulli, for instance.

Here’s the official Kyle Cassidy portrait shot taken outside the shop, and while my first reaction to seeing photos of myself is always, “Who’s that old white-haired guy?” I like this a lot, and plan to use it on my website, with Kyle’s permission.

If you were there and we spoke, good to meet and talk to you, thanks to those who bought my prints, and everyone for making the party swing!

And the shop very kindly put us up for the night at Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast, a very fine and historic home not far away, which I would heartily recommend if you’re planning a visit to Philadelphia. We enjoyed talking to owners Dennis and Liz, and in the small-world department, they’re good friends of Marvel editor Nick Lowe, who I’ve worked with for years, a surprising but fun topic.

Locust Moon is worth a visit if you’re in the area, they’re well stocked with good stuff. The fact that they’ve decorated the store with my prints is okay in my book, too! Thanks, guys.

5 thoughts on “Locust Moon shop appearance report

  1. Chrsistian Berntsen

    Those balloons you did for the two girls are pretty awesome, do you often do that for signings (when you’re not signing books, prints, etc)? Glad you had a good time and nice portrait.

  2. J.C. Thompson

    It was an honour and a privilege to not only meet you, but to have you letter some of my art. It was awe inspiring to have a living legacy such as you collaborate with me. My greatest wish is one day I can do the same for someone else later down the line.

    Thanks for coming out.

  3. Allen Sant

    Just a quick question. I noticed that you are left handed and was wondering if you had difficulty hand lettering back when you started. Being left handed myself, I remember back in my college days when I had to do lettering by hand with a quill that I found it very difficult, and had to alter the nibs.

  4. Todd Post author

    I learned pretty quickly to work around that, often starting at the lower right and working backwards, or skipping around on the page while things dried.

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