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The first issue of this new ETERNALS series is out this week, lettered and with a logo design by me. It continues from an earlier series…

…written by Neil Gaiman, art by John Romita Jr. that I also lettered. The logo on that one looks like it was made from a commercial font, and was not by me. Marvel could easily have used it on the new series to provide continuity, but the editors thought they’d like to do something a bit more Kirbyish.

The Eternals were, of course, created by Jack Kirby, and his issues had the logo seen above, which is what I would call a fairly typical 1970s Marvel logo, perhaps designed by someone on staff at the time, possibly Jim Novak. It’s big, bold, and easily readible, if a little old-fashioned looking now, but I took at it as a starting point for my own new design.

One thing I DID design for the Gaiman series was this logo for the inside front covers, and I thought it had promise, so I developed it further.

Taking as many cues as possible from Kirby, I filled the center of the letters with “Kirby dots”, something the master used to create the impression of energy in his backgrounds. I did a straight version, and two curved ones similar to the original Eternals logo.

Next I tried another style, this one with pointed serifs, in the same three formats. I felt this combination of triangular points and broad vertical strokes might work for the book.

Finally I did two more versions to provide other choices, in case no one liked the first two. These both began as commercial fonts that I modified. Actually, I’ve been trying to sell someone on the style of Version 3 for a while now, and so far no one has gone for it. That proved true in this case, as well. Marvel decided to go with Version 2B. Here’s the final file I sent in:

On the first image in this post, the Marvel house ad for the book, they modified the logo in Photoshop, giving it a more three-dimensional look with shading effects, but from what I’ve seen online, the actual cover versions (there will be two) don’t have that. Here’s one I found online:

The red outline fades against this particular artwork, but the letters are still strong and readable, which is the most important thing. Looks pretty good, I think. I might add, the painted art on the series is quite attractive, and the stories aren’t bad either. You might want to give it a try.

3 thoughts on “Logo Design: ETERNALS

  1. RAB

    Publishers really go for those pointy serifs, don’t they?

    I’m very fond of your “version 1” set and it definitely looks the most Kirbyesque — regardless of the Kirby dots.

  2. Marshall

    Hey Todd,
    I MUCH prefer the Kirby dots idea. And the arch of 1A, but I think the BLUE area just blocks out artwork (Nice throwback to the original though). I do think however the logo chosen works best with the artwork they have (awesome art!). Was the art done before the logo? Do you think that was a factor?

    I don’t like version 4… It looks too much like an Asian logo, not that that’s a bad thing, I just feel like I’ve seen a ton of Asian riffs over the last 10 years. Now version 3 is very interesting! Kinda Indian or Bengali influence? I hope you can sell that idea to someone.

    Anyway, I’m eagerly looking forward to Eternals.

  3. Todd Post author

    Hi Marshall,
    The artwork may have been a factor in the decision, though I hadn’t seen it when I did the designs.

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