Logo Study: AMALGAM COMICS Part 3


All images © DC Comics and Marvel as appropriate.

This time we’re looking at the six Amalgam titles released by DC in 1997. The first combined DC’s Man-Bat with Marvel’s Man-Thing. Could have called it Man-Man, but the actual title is better, isn’t it? The logo design I produced was, at Curtis King’s request, a simple combination of the current MAN-BAT one:


and the original MAN-THING one:


I’m not sure who designed either of these logos, though Man-Thing looks like either Gaspar Saladino or Jim Novak to me. Curtis supplied me with a digital version of the first one, and I made a scan and tracing of the second, not real accurate, but close enough for this use. An enclosing outer line to hold color and join the two halves, and it was done. Unfortunately, the two styles clash drastically, making this a logo that doesn’t work for me, and my least favorite of the lot.


DARK CLAW ADVENTURES worked much better. It was a second outing for the character combining Batman with Wolverine, but this time in an animated style. The logo combined elements from two BATMAN ADVENTURES logos:


both designed by Curtis King I believe, with the classic WOLVERINE logo:


by Tom Orzechowski, all in front of the claw-ripped oval from the 1996 Amalgam title LEGENDS OF THE DARK CLAW. I had fun putting this together. Curtis King supplied his logos, and I created the new letters needed, with the W straight from Wolverine. I think it works well, though it’s a little hard to see the way it’s colored. Here’s what I sent in:


As you have probably deduced by now, I worked on all the Amalgam logos in this section, and in fact all the ones from 1997.


Next up is this combination of Marvel’s GENERATION X with DC’s western character JONAH HEX. Another one where a cute name seems to have forced an uneasy combination at best. For the latter title, Curtis wanted to use the classic logo designed, I think, by Gaspar Saladino:


but for the Marvel team, he wasn’t sure if he wanted the first logo I designed:


or the second, which quickly followed, designed by Comicraft:


I produced some versions for him to consider:


of which I actually preferred the second one, but Curtis felt the styles were too different and rejected it. The first stayed in the running for a while, but a western wanted-poster font that I tried later was chosen instead:


For the final I joined the oval to the N, but it’s otherwise as is. Personally I’d have preferred using one of the Marvel logos, but there you go.


The mash-up of DC’s JUSTICE LEAGUE with Marvel’s X-MEN made a return appearance in this title, for which I simply added the word UNLEASHED to the logo from 1996 put together by Curtis. Probably the easiest of the lot, and I think it works well. Kind of wish they’d put a color in those letters, though, the cover looks unfinished somehow.


This title combining DC’s bad bounty hunter LOBO with Marvel’s wise-ass talking HOWARD THE DUCK was a hoot. For the logo, we combined the then-current splattery LOBO logo:


with the original HOWARD logo:


I also submitted a version using the original lobo logo designed by artist Simon Bisley and finished/inked by me:


but Curtis went with the other one. I think it’s a funny juxtaposition of styles either way. (Sharp-eyed readers may notice the second O is missing the bevel and shading for some reason.) Not sure who designed either of the logos used for the final.


The last title of this batch brought back the character combining Superman and Captain America, once again with a fine cover by Dave Gibbons. Dave designed this logo, based on the old DC war title designed by Ira Schnapp:


with the top line similar to the SUPERMAN letterforms used in the 1996 Amalgam comic. I got a very tight Gibbons layout to work over (don’t recall if it was pencils or markers), which I traced and finished on the computer. This is what I turned in:


I think it captures the spirit of the original logo, but much improves it, fine design work by Dave. Made for a handsome cover, too. Once again nothing from any Captain America logo, though, except the single star.

Next time we’ll finish with the six books released by Marvel in 1997.

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  1. Joshua

    I’m going to have to disagree, Todd, and say that Man-Man would have been a much better title. But maybe that’s the 3 a.m. talking.

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