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In 1994 I was contacted by someone at Todd McFarlane Productions and asked to design a logo for the character Angela, the one created by Neil Gaiman for SPAWN. They were planning a solo mini-series, and needed a logo for it. This was just before I got my first Mac computer, when I was still doing all logo design by hand. These sketches were made with pencil, then markers on typing paper.


My standard plan was to do three initial sketches. In this case, the word ANGELA is bracketed by two A’s, and I quickly found if I made them mirror images of each other, the word gained a graceful symmetry I liked a lot. Pointy and dangerous was also the fad at the time, so I tried to combine that with elegance.


This third idea carried pointy to ridiculous length, I thought, but it was the one they liked best. Only, they wanted it wider so it would take up less space on the cover.


I did two stretched out versions, this one was the most stretched, and what they went with. Still very tall, but apparently okay.


The final logo is simply that last sketch traced precisely on Denril plastic vellum.

Angela 3

Here’s how it looked on the cover of issue 3. I don’t care for the coloring, it makes the word harder to read, but overall I think the logo worked well. The character was later involved in a lengthy lawsuit, and is now the sole property of Neil Gaiman and, I believe, appearing in some Marvel comics. If she’s been given a logo there, I haven’t seen it.

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3 thoughts on “Logo Study: ANGELA

  1. Steve Flack

    I love how the top logo looks like wings and the g has a halo. It really fits with Angela’s angel background. Todd McFarlane really should have went with that one.

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