A few months ago I was contacted by Leah Moore about designing some logos for a new project she and her dad Alan Moore were working on, an app for making and reading comics in digital form. They had the name, and a few sample logo treatments, but they weren’t completely sold on any of them and asked me to have a go, which I was happy to do. From the sample provided above, I liked the retro Victorian feel and the old light bulb.


From this second provided sample I liked the style of the word “Electricomics,” and the old black and white film feel. I mulled these things over and began to work on a design of my own incorporating some of those ideas. The first version wanted was in a square format for social media use. I thought a large early light bulb could be at the center of it, so I looked for some images on Google and found these.


The shape of this bulb seemed right for a square logo, and I liked the raised droplet of glass at the top and the wide base. The wires inside rose through a glass shaft that I also liked.


This one didn’t have much I could use, but I was interested to see how the filaments inside looked lit up.


This old Edison bulb on a wide base gave me more ideas. I particularly liked the screw-on contacts for wires.


With all that in mind I created this logo design in Adobe Illustrator. Inside the bulb I made the filament into a large curved E, and for Electricomics I stole the lettering I liked from one of the provided samples. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it, but it gave me something to show Leah and company to see if they liked the direction.


They did, and also liked my suggestion that we try the word in script. On a yellow sticky note I sketched out a small script version that seemed right, above, scanned it, and then worked over it in Illustrator using the pen tool and a calligraphic brush. I designed each letter, one at a time, until I had the entire word as I wanted it.


The way the E was formed in almost a corkscrew shape made me rethink the shape of the large one inside the bulb. I redid it to match, and found it looked better filled with white, more readable and iconic. I also increased the contrast in the background and fiddled with the gradients giving the glow effect around the bulb. Leah and the Electricomics crew were happy with this, but also wanted a wider version, a more standard logo shape, so I worked on that next.


First I simply extended the original image, making the beams continue far to the right. I placed a much larger version of “lectricomics” with the beginning of the L seeming to be plugged into the bottom of the E in the bulb. All the letters were given the same kind of glow effect as if the entire name was lit up. I liked it, but wasn’t sure about the amount of open space above and below the name, so I also made a trimmed version to remove some of that. Leah and her partners liked the full version best.


Here’s the square version as submitted after some very minor tweaks…


…and the wide version, likewise. They’ve both been showing up all over the place since the story about Electricomics broke online this morning, and you can read more about the project at their WEBSITE, as well as their Facebook page and Twitter feed. I’m sure there will be more information as we go forward. I’ve already designed some other logos that haven’t been released yet. As always, it’s great to work with Leah and Alan in any capacity, and I’m proud to be involved in this new project. Hope it goes well!

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