Logo Study: ROBIN Part 3

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In 1995 this series began, based on the animated TV show of the same name. Both the series and the logo were expanded from the original Batman animated show. The logo for the comic of that earlier series:


used the art deco font Plaza for the word BATMAN, and for the follow-up series ROBIN was in a matching style, though I think the letters R and O were created in narrower versions than exist in the font, to make the long title fit better. I believe both logos were put together by Curtis King from elements of the TV show logos.


While the Robin solo title continued with the 1990 logo for almost two decades, Robin did have this four issue mini-series with a different look and logo. Most of this logo is made with commercial fonts, but I’m not sure about the word ROBIN, that may be newly designed. If so, I don’t know who did it. The nearly square layout is one that works well if covers are designed around it, as these were. Lots of dead space on either side of the logo, but the overall design is attractive.


This 2005 12-issue series has a logo and trade dress designed by Chip Kidd, and uses sans-serif commercial fonts in interesting ways. The angle and perspective of BATMAN & ROBIN makes ROBIN much more prominent than it would have been otherwise, and is kind of an odd choice for a book featuring the two, since Batman is clearly the lead character of the pair, but I like the design, and maybe it’s only fair to give Robin prominence for a change.


In 2009 a new title was launched featuring Tim Drake as RED ROBIN, replacing the previous solo Robin book. I designed the logo, and have written about that HERE, but in brief, it was based on the 1990 Robin logo, using the same R from the Neal Adams costume design of that time.


And the newest DC title featuring the character is BATMAN AND ROBIN with an excellent new logo designed by Rian Hughes. It looks back to the classic Batman logos of the past, yet forward with fresh design work too, especially in the bat shape. The word ROBIN is in a modern sans-serif style with horizontal extensions on the tops of the R, B and N, and the same kind of jaunty angled right leg on the R that was last seen in the 1940s. Another great Hughes design, and here’s a better image of it from his website:


I contacted Rian, and he was kind enough to share some of his design variations and info. Rian writes the logo evolved from a rough sketch by series writer Grant Morrison:


As you can see, Morrison suggested a large R symbol at the bottom. Here are two variants by Rian using that idea:


Rian writes:

“Although Grant’s doodle incorporates the Robin R symbol, this was dropped in the final version — simpler is often better. The italic R was not sitting well with the angles of the rest of the type; it was an awkward mismatch. I tried a few with the upright R from the older Robin costume, but it’s not the one Frank is using, so is not really relevant to use it here. The final version without the R pulls all the disparate elements together in a more harmonious and elegant manner.”

That wraps up this logo study, hope you’ve enjoyed it. You’ll find more information about some of the logos featuring both Batman and Robin in my Batman logo study. More chapters and other studies are on my LOGO LINKS page.

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  1. patrick foster

    The text ROBIN for the 2000 miniseries is, I’m pretty sure, a font called Senator.

    Thanks for the great write-up, informative as always.

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