Moore print shipping update

Ah, the joys and sorrows of publishing! I have good news and bad news, folks. From Monday through tomorrow morning (Friday) I will have shipped over 250 orders. There are 163 (give or take a few) still to be shipped. If I received your order on Dec. 3rd, it has shipped. If I received it on Dec. 4th before 10 AM it very probably has shipped. That’s the good news.The bad news is that I am now completely out of mailing tubes. The new supply I ordered Tuesday will arrive next week some time. On Saturday I plan to visit as many nearby office supply and shipping stores as I can to round up what tubes are available, but I know that won’t be nearly enough. I need tubes that are 2 inches wide, narrower ones won’t work. Our local Staples had only 10. Fortunately they were long enough that I could cut them in half and make 20, so that was handy. (If you get yours in a tube with one raggedy end, that’s one of them.) So, whatever I can find will be filled and sent out Monday. The rest will depend on when I get my tube order.I thought I had things covered by having 230 mailing tubes in stock before orders started. Who knew? Sorry…doing the best I can!

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