More Website Updates

This morning I finished updating the LETTERING ARCHIVES on my website. The page linked leads to lots more pages detailing all my work in comics from the beginning (1977) through the end of 2011, in these categories: Inside Pages, Covers, Logos and Other Stuff. It makes me tired looking through it, but if you have any interest in what I’ve done, there it is if you want it. There are probably other pages on my site that could use some updating, but that’s all I have time to do now.

Also, it’s a small thing (literally), but all my website pages now have the letter K “favicon” (short for favorite icon) embedded in them. This means that, when you view one of my pages in most browsers, the K will appear at the beginning of the page address, and in some browsers, like Firefox, it will also appear if you save one of my pages in your Bookmarks Bar. My blog, on the other hand, has the matching T favicon, which will do the same thing.

I’m not a code guy, so it’s with some probably unearned pride that I managed to figure out how to do this, with help from info found online, and in the case of the blog, help from the creator of my blog template. It wasn’t easy. One roadblock turned out to be some code which had “curly” quotes rather than straight ones. Who knew code was so particular?

Now, when I use Firefox, which is most days, I have my blog and website favicons in the bookmarks bar of my browser to remind me of this small triumph that I spent way too much time on.

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