Mourning the loss of Bernie Wrightson

Image © DC Comics, from HOUSE OF SECRETS 99, Aug. 1972.

My Facebook feed is full of mourning for the passing of Bernie Wrightson, one of the all time greatest comics artists, one of the greatest of any kind with brush and ink. I met Bernie a few times, including at The Studio (which he shared with Michael Wm. Kaluta, Barry Windsor Smith and Jeff (Catherine) Jones), but never talked to him much or really knew him. Loved his work. Sad at his passing from brain cancer. Condolences to his family, and especially our mutual good friend Michael Wm. Kaluta. Above is the only Wrightson art I ever owned, since sold. I lettered over Bernie just a few times, the logo for THE CULT comes to mind, and was amazed by his work. His illustrations for “Frankenstein” will remain one of the most incredible accomplishments of a long and legendary career, though his work on the original SWAMP THING is what I remember best. Rest in peace.

ADDED: Thanks to David Marshall for finding this example of my lettering over Wrightson pencils. I knew I did some, but couldn’t remember where. This was a 1988 four-issue series, THE WEIRD, 38 pages each, and I lettered all of them.

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