Movie Studio Logo Study and more

Richard Bruning was kind enough to point out this quick but informative study on Neatorama of the evolution and origins of the major Hollywood movie studio logos. Good stuff! Hope this logo study idea catches on…

And over on, Bill Willingham has a good story about the first book he ever read that wasn’t a comic book. Nicely done, Bill! And while I’m on the subject, Bill’s Blog (link in the left margin of this page) is one of my new favorites. His latest post is about the recent news of a FABLES TV pilot that has the green light…so far!

Hey, this linking thing instead of having to actually write new content is a pretty good idea. No wonder it’s so popular…

2 thoughts on “Movie Studio Logo Study and more

  1. Fnord Serious

    Thanks for the link, Todd.
    The logo that has the biggest nostalgia value for me is “The Big W” design from ’72-’84. It opened up the edition of the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie VHS tape that I had as a kid. I watched it so many times that the tape became unplayable.

  2. Jon Marvin

    Man, the ’70’s were really quite horrible for Warner Bros., logo-wise. I do have a certain fondness for the Warner-7 Arts version, similar to Fnord up there, except I recall it from the actual show, not VHS.

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