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This is the third in my ongoing series of articles where I list where and when I first worked with other creators, mostly on inside pages, in chronological order based on cover dates of the comics. You can find the previous entries on the COMICS CREATION page of this blog. I’ve added comments about some of my collaborators this time, and may go back and do the same for the first two parts.

Ground rules: I worked on staff at DC from July 1977 to August 1987, and in that time worked with every staffer and many freelancers in some capacity, and did art and lettering corrections on a host of comics. I can’t count those. Some of the things I did in comics did not usually involve working directly with artists and writers: logo design, house ads, cover lettering and production work of various kinds. Another thing I won’t count are relettering foreign stories, as I did for HEAVY METAL early on. To be added to my comics life-list, I thought I should be part of the creative team making stories. That means I was the letterer (in most cases), occasionally the writer, and rarely the artist or colorist. Of course this lists only the first time I worked with someone, so anyone from the previous year lists will not be here. Entries are tagged as a writer (w), artist or penciller-inker (a), penciller (p), or inker (i). I did not often interact with colorists (c) in pre-digital days, as my work was finished before theirs began, but I’m including them as an important part of the creative team. My credit is for lettering unless otherwise noted.

Jose Delbo (p) DETECTIVE COMICS #489, April 1980

Jose was always a charming and talented man, as he is today. We did not work together a lot, but I liked what we did.

Tatjana Wood (c) DETECTIVE COMICS #490, May 1980

Tatjana, the ex-wife of Wally Wood, often visited the DC offices when I was on staff there, and I liked her and enjoyed her stories about “Wallace.” She mainly colored covers, so I’m glad we worked together on at least one story.

Tom Yeates (a) GHOSTS #89, June 1980

I love Tom’s work, still do. We worked together only occasionally.

Trevor Von Eeden (p) SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE #25, June 1980 (a story I also wrote)

I worked with Trevor on the THRILLER series, and a few other times. I enjoyed talking to him when he visited the DC production department.

Dave Simons (i) SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE #25, June 1980

Mimai Kin (w) TIME WARP #5, June-July 1980

Carl Potts (i) TIME WARP #5, June-July 1980

I’m actually surprised about this one, as Carl was mainly a Marvel guy.

Elliot S. Maggin (w) TIME WARP #5, June-July 1980

Jerry Bingham (p) TIME WARP #5, June-July 1980

John Celardo (i) TIME WARP #5, June-July 1980

Marv Wolfman (w) ADVENTURE COMICS #474, Aug. 1980

Marv and I worked together many times, from NEW TEEN TITANS to NIGHT FORCE and other projects. I got to know him well enough to consider him a friend, even though we only meet occasionally now at conventions.

Armando Gil (i) WORLD’S FINEST #264, Aug.-Sept 1980

Steve Mitchell (i) BATMAN #327, Sept. 1980

Steve was a fellow production artist at DC, and an entertaining person.

Anthony Tollin (c) GREEN LANTERN #132, Sept. 1980

Another staffer, Tony and I worked together for a few years before he went freelance full-time.

Charles Nicholas (p) DETECTIVE COMICS #495, Oct. 1980

David Allikas (w) GHOSTS #93, Oct. 1980

Tom Mandrake (a) GHOSTS #93, Oct. 1980

Tom and I had a long run on THE SPECTRE, and worked together on other things, too. We meet now only on Facebook, but I consider him a friend and love his work.

Alan Weiss (p) MYSTERY IN SPACE #112, Oct. 1980

This one surprised me. I didn’t think I’d worked with Alan until he became the regular artist on Young Tom Strong in TOM STRONG’S TERRIFIC TALES for America’s Best Comics.

Terry Austin (i) MYSTERY IN SPACE #112, Oct. 1980

I always loved Terry’s inking, glad we worked together at least a little.

Rich Buckler (p) BATMAN #329, Nov. 1980

Rich was always working on lots of things, and I lettered a few of them. A very nice man.

Jim Starlin (p) DC COMICS PRESENTS #27, Nov. 1980

Jim’s regular letterer was often Tom Orzechowski, but I did work with him a few times.

Gerald Forton (a) GHOSTS #93, Dec. 1980

A respected Belgian artist I only worked with on a few intro pages and never met.

George Perez (p, breakdowns), JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #185, Dec. 1980

I always loved George’s work, and was happy to be one of the NEW TEEN TITANS letterers with him.

Leopoldo Duranona (a) SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE #31, Dec. 1980

Bob Kane (p) THE RACING PETTYS, no number, 1980. I hesitate to even list this, it was a custom comic from Bob Kane’s studio in partnership with DC. Kane was famous for hiring others to work for him and taking credit for that work, but I have to say some of the pencils on this book were so crude and awful I can’t imagine him paying anyone for them.

That’s it, more of these when I have time.

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